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FAQ about SEOdex

How are the companies on SEOdex selected?

We select the SEO companies based on their contribution to the SEO industry, the integrity of their services (as we have been able to determine them), and the SEO vitality of their own website.

How can I get my SEO company listed?

We welcome submissions for future inclusion. However, the listing of submissions is based solely upon our discretion. We do offer paid placement, so feel free to contact us for details.

How is the sorting of SEO companies determined?

The SEO company listings are sorted alphabetically, except for sponsors which appear on the top of their respective list.

How are the cities which are represented on SEOdex selected?

The selection is based on the popularity of SEO services within each metropolitan area. We are determined to expand out listings over time.

Do you offer any other marketing services for SEO companies?

We are always open to ideas and suggestions, so if there are features (e.g. quote inquiry forms) please feel free to contact us with your ideas.